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Salaries of the firm goes bankrupt

Although the store or the company you work for goes bankrupt, you still entitled to pay and outstanding holiday pay. It provides wage guarantee for.

Public and quality assured
state guarantees
If the missing wage payments because the employer can not pay, the business may be declared bankrupt. Once that is done, you can apply for reimbursement of outstanding wages and holiday pay through the state wage guarantee - located under NAV. As a rule, you as an employee will receive your pay in full. Through wage guarantee, the state guarantee for wage and holiday pay if your employer is unable to pay. It's good to know!

Step 1: s demand
If you do not get paid your salary on time, send as soon as possible a registered claim letter (demand) to the employer. In claim letter must state what the claim the amount the employer owes you and the vesting period. Give the employer a week deadline to pay.

Step 2: Bankruptcy Warning
Four weeks after submitting the registered letter, you enter a payment request (bankruptcy notice). This will be preached to the employer of a public official, see below.

Hey :) I have been sick for a few months and suddenly I get a message that the company has gone bankrupt! I will then lose the sickness?

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