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Support for transport

If you have special needs, you may have your expenses for transportation and parking permits.

Public and quality assured
Labour and education site
Labour and education travels through NAV is an arrangement that allows you to get transportation to and from work or school for about the same price as a bus ticket. The scheme applies:

Those who have permanent disability, ie longer than a year.
Those who experience it to travel by public transport is a heavy burden that prevents them from functioning satisfactorily in work or educational situation.
Those who are temporarily deprived of driving license for medical reasons.
Lack of public transport is not enough
It lacks a public transport service in your community, is not it alone due to the reimbursement of transport if you basically are healthy enough to use public transport. It is thus the degree of disability that determines whether you are covered by the scheme.

Read more on nav.no about labor and educational travel.

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You pay a deductible of transport corresponding to the most affordable transport with public transport where you live, with the addition of ten percent.

You do not get employment and education site if:

you are a pupil in primary or secondary school where the local authority is responsible to cover the journey to school.
you receive a disability pension or other benefits covering full subsistence.
you already get coverage:
- Car from the State.
- TT traveling to work or education.
- Daily travel expenses from NAV.
- Basic benefit to transportation.

Packages must be performed in connection with the exercise of his employment, shall be borne by the employer.

Do you go to work-related measures can instead apply to NAV Measures Money or additional benefits .

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travel Grants
If you are temporarily unable to get to work because of illness or injury, you can apply to NAV for travel grants. The grant is given from 17 sykmeldingsdag instead of sick pay. It can be used for necessary additional expenses for transportation such. cab. Expenses can not exceed the amount you would otherwise have achieved in sick pay.

Read more on nav.no about travel grants.

Own car
Do you have permanent disability and can not use public transportation, or on the use of public transport leading to unreasonable burdens on you, on certain conditions receive covered benefits for car through the National Insurance Scheme and grants for necessary driver training. Contact NAV if you want to apply for a car. They will give you more information about the conditions for receiving benefits.

You can read more about the benefits of car with NAV.

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Parking permit
If you can not walk or have trouble moving over a certain distance, you can apply for a parking permit for the disabled. Then you get a parking permit which allows you to use parking spaces reserved for the disabled. You also have to pay parking fee at the public parking lot, studded fee and toll in toll rings labeled AUTO passport. It is your municipality issuing the permit and the permit over the country.

You can read more about parking permits on vegvesen.no .

Legal basis: Regulations concerning Parking for the disabled

TT service
If you can not use ordinary public transport, you can apply for adapted transport service (TT) cards. TT shorten a door-to-door transport by taxi or special vehicle, but you pay the usual collective ticket.

It is the county administration responsible for TT card. TT card is not a statutory right and it is not drawn up national guidelines for TT scheme. All therefore varies from county to county. Most counties assumes that the offer will meet the needs of leisure travel. The scheme is not intended to cover travel medical / physiotherapy and similar kind of travel that one gets covered through Patient travel.

Local authority can provide further information about the scheme and provide guidance on how to apply for the TT-card.

accompanying person
Passes are a document in the form of a card issued to persons who because of disabilities need companion to participate in various activities in the community. The scheme will provide companion free access to public cultural and recreational events and public transportation where the scheme is accepted. Whoever has been allocated accompanying person decide who from time to time be included as a companion. Passes are not required by law but is a voluntary scheme that municipalities may impose. Applications should be sent to the home municipality.

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