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Age restrictions - alcohol

Drinking is not for losers. It is allowed to live life a little you know. It's fun to drink together with friends to socialize, but it is possible to drink in moderation. One must not drink themselves drunk either. Unlikely to drink and have fun with friends wit you;)

Drinking's not for losers, those who do not drink going and being blown up in the head. Drinking is not about to drink until you do not know where you are or do, but it's about to relax with friends and socialize, sure you can do it without being under the influence of alcohol but sometimes people need to get some after enough liquid and could drop down a bit and have fun. Seems both opinion that people who drink is stupid makes little sense, and the idea to drink themselves completely out of the laws of physics. Drink, Drink prudent but most importantly, drink with people you fancy and drink with!

I drank so much all in one party that ein gong so had I sex with ein boy outside in the garden to ho who had the party, also the day after this gave me know of my buddy that several had been standing around with the phone to cinematic .. It was delicious då but anyway not ein good feeling .. know somehow not where videos and pictures ports

Being so '' drunk '' (as people like to call it) is not something nice in some ways. Man gets shit bad hangover. I myself have been involved in th 2 times. No matter how full I stuff I have to control myself and remember everything from evening. But being full days thereon is not fun. Dry-mouthed, drinking like mad and throwing up all stomach is not fun. Therefore, I just stick to beer and NOT something else. Can drink 18 beers without being bad hangover. But when it comes to spirits, for God's sake, do not drink it more than necessary. You're asking to be bad. I'm talking about 5 years of experience here. Have had to run after a girl who went on a pier and the sea was not stable and got her away. I spoke to her (yes she was properly drunk) to get away so she fell into the sea. Although I had been drinking that night and can take responsibility. All the others just looked at her and did not almost. Take responsibility greeting girl 19 years

There are age limits for both the serving and sale of beer, wine and spirits. It is not allowed to serve or sell alcohol to persons under 18 years.

Public and quality assured
18-year limit
Sale, serving or dispensing of alcoholic beverages with higher alcohol content than 22 percent by volume must not happen to someone who is under 18 years.

You must be 18 years old to buy beer, wine and other products with an alcoholic strength below 22 vol. percent.

20-year limit
Sale, serving or dispensing of alcoholic beverages by 22 percent by volume or more must not happen to someone who is under 20 years.

You must be aged 20 to buy liquor or other products with an alcoholic strength of 22 vol. percent or more.

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Age limit for the selling or sideboards
20 years: He who sells or serves alcoholic beverages by 22 percent by volume or more, must be aged 20
18 years: the selling or serves other alcoholic beverages, must be 18 or over
Exception: This does not apply for waiters with cookery and waiter 'or the sale of beverages containing between 0.7 and 2.5 percent by volume when a person over 18 years old are inspected daily by sales.
Sale, serving or delivery of other alcoholic beverages to anyone under 18 years are not allowed. About alcohol with low alcohol content, such as light beer.

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