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Are schools allowed to take my cell phone during school hours?

hey have a question in my school for one day a week is the mobilfri day when collecting di the phone thought of a thing is not the unlawful taking mobile hvist you refuse they are the there object when they are well actually a type of stealing once I refused to let it in rygseken they said di that was ok getting no were allowed to touch seken without my right to the said di. by the way a question hvist a politiman asks you to get rummage you can not then request a search warrent first must di get a warrent of papers first such I have heard. they act as police to people watching me quite stykt spessielt in shops seems like di think I'm going to steal, they may be due to dress my style one Compton caps long NWA t shorter and baggy jeans di has not exactly right to ranskae me for the hvist they were to happen would not they when every police harrasmen they're not allowed to behandel people left differs due to dress and how they look?

Yes, the school is allowed to take your mobile phone during school hours, if there are rules of the school that they can do it. You can read more about in the article listed below.

The fact that the school takes your mobile during school hours is not regarded as theft.

Police are allowed to rummage you if they have reasonable grounds for suspecting that you have done something illegal punishable by imprisonment. Reasonable grounds to suspect means that it must be more likely that you are guilty of an offense.

You are right that the police basically need approval from the court to ransack some, but there are some exceptions. If there is "danger stays" (for example, that evidence may be destroyed or the suspect may abscond) can resolve a search made by the prosecution (police prosecutor). And if the police hit the suspect in the act or fresh tracks they need no decision to make searches from the court or prosecutors.

I understand that you think it's annoying that shop staff looks ugly on you. It may be that they become suspicious because of the way you dress, as you write, but police have referred not allowed to rummage you unless they have reasonable grounds to suspect.

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