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Consequences of Shoplifting

Naske, "borrow" steal. Have you been tempted to bring anything into your bag or pocket which you have not paid for? Comment article!

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Think about it next time, it can have consequences.

It applies to us all
Shoplifting is a major problem in Norway. To cover the loss, the goods you buy become ca. 5-7% more expensive. This costs society expensive, not only in money but also in sad fates that could easily have been avoided. Smaller, 'trifling' foreseelser performed by youth, may have consequences for the rest of your life.

Shoplifting is no trifle
In many cases happens shoplifting just for fun or excitement. Many people want to 'rough it' to their friends. Do not count on that you can get away so easily time after time.

Difference of shoplifting
The Penal Code of 2005 uses the term minor theft of what the old penal code called pilfering. The difference between minor theft and theft is defined based on the value of what has been stolen. The border runs at about 3,000 kroner. In borderline cases, the police defines whether the offense is a theft or a minor theft. This will determine how much punishment you can get.

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After provision on minor theft (§ 323) of the Criminal Code can be punished with a fine for minor theft. Theft provision (§321) says if one has been arrested for stealing, one will be punished in the form of a fine or imprisonment not exceeding two years.

What happens if you are under 15 and are caught for shoplifting?
Store reviewer theft to police
You are registered as reviewed
You must meet the police with their parents / guardians
CPS can be contacted
The school can if necessary be approached.
Read about Concern calls .

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Are you over 15 years?
you can be punished with fines
You are registered as convicted person, but in some cases you may be lucky to just get a waiver (ie that you are guilty, but gets no penalty this time)
Furthermore, your opportunities ahead in life will be limited. You can get an extension on when you can take mopedfører certificate and driver's license, in addition you have trouble getting jobs or studies that require security clearances .

Hi! I am a very hungry boy, but I'm not fat !!! I promise! Last week saw I stole a kebab, regrets very now and will only death really ... I was at Bislett Kebab. I went with 3 mates and mother of his third. His mother was a little greasy but not so much. She eats a lot of kebab based on what her son has told. I was on hand and the man asked: '' For the little Kebab or the Great Kebab? Strong or mild? With drink or not drink Cocker Coke? '' There were too many questions at once! I my hand in my ass, where leg tend to have my money, but noticed that there was nothing there! I was splashing red-faced and a little shy. All my friends had already booked, I was worth less than them? I should have worked harder at primary school? Finally so I just said '' I should not have kebab anyway ''. He glances me while he spilled dressing on his belt. My buddies sat at one table, the mother of my friend talked in telephone NAV. I told them that I have to pee because I had paper. Also I got a plan: it was a young-old girl who was eating a big kebab with drink. I approached her and asked if she knew what time it was. She said she had to check his cellular phone. As she was removing it, so I struck my forehead her hard and pushed her stomach and took kebab! I tried to drink too, but it was chucked hands ours and everything ran down into her bag her. I started to run., Kebab man said: HEY DO YOUR LITTLE BOY !!!! COME HERE STOP BOY !!!!! I sprinted out, my friends shouted at me. I ran into the first tram I found and put me in the back. I tremble meanwhile I ate kebabeb. It was a very nasty feeling regret very now. When I got home and took off my pants and panties wife, then his daughter something on the ground. I could not believe it, 100 tag lying in panties my whole time ....

I ran with "shoplifting" when I was 14 years old. My parents have always been a little strict and gave me quite a little money in a month, which certainly covered my need for makeup, clothes, food etc. Felt outside when everyone could afford Cola lunch hour, makeup and clothes for school and cinema in the evening. I could not afford it. So I tried to steal a tights from Cubus. My heart beat and beaten, I felt everyone staring at me. I took tights under my pants. Went out of the store. Heard nothing except my own heart .. When I came out of the mall, I sat myself down in the park and smiling - felt like the smartest girl! Wondered store, wondered system! After this was done .. I stole and stole .. Cardiac bank was farther each time I pinched, in the end I almost guilty above Myself if I DO NOT stole something the times I visited, since it was so easy. Then came the day .. The day when I visited Vita .. I stood long and watched hårpleieavdelingen, smiled to talked to she who worked there. I-and-by was so rude that I asked for advise on what shampoo that matched my hair. She was very service minded and helped me very well .. She went to the warehouse, and I turned to see if the coast was clear .. packed my bag FULL of shampoo, conditioner, saline spray, hair spray and hair treatment, to then go happy out . But I stopped by face masks, it was a long time ago I had cared for my skin? So I found one I wanted .. looked around AND DA so I right in the eyes of a lady who stood myset me. She went to the cashier lady and whispered something in her ear - both stared at me. I got a little panicked, but thought that I certainly was paranoid. I walked to the door but was stopped .. "HEY! You have a very large purse you. Maybe I can get peek a little up in it? :-)" My heart rate EXPLODED .. I was dizzy, nauseated .. so for me Mommy face and prison, you name it .. I got the worst lump in his throat, all conscience came and hit me in the face. I raised up in the back to thinking "now I'm fucked anyway." So I answered her with a smile "Of course! It's your job :-)" My purse had 3 large pockets. I placed the bag gently on the counter, and knew exactly which pocket I had the stolen items in. I opened the first pocket and she peered peering down in my purse. She nodded and asked me to open the second. I shivered and pulled up the zipper while I gave one false smile. The pocket I had the wallet, mobile etc upstairs. I sighed and was about to take up the last zipper .. zipper of the pocket by about 6 stolen goods Oppi .. "It's all right there :-) This is just a standard procedure we have on girls with big handbags, try using smaller bags when you shop with us next time :-) "also she smiled to me and wished me a nice weekend. My heart beat so hard in the chest that I got hurt. I was shaking in my knees .. I went out to put me on the ground .. Dizzy, nauseated .. I was ashamed. I thought through what I had done. What I had been doing in the past month. The community is not working !! It was a revelation for me. I could not understand why she just checked the last pocket? Was I lucky? Unfortunate? I deserved to be discovered to punished, but in another way I felt a strong revelation. When I got home, I threw the goods .. I sat down to Googled how much Norway lose in stolen goods. I was nauseous. Did not sleep for 2 days ate nothing. I was ashamed so terrible. Felt all showed what I had been doing. I am ashamed even today. Have not stolen anything since that day, and will never steal again. Girls, boys .. dear young people .. Do not steal.

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