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False identification

Using a fake ID is not recommended, whatever the reason is that you let yourself be tempted. You can get fined, and then you end up on " record " your.

Public and quality assured
Many are looking forward to when they turn 18. Then they can do most:

You are of legal age and have all rights
You can buy cigarettes, wine and beer but not liquor
You can vote in election
You decide in personal and financial matters
You can take the test for car
Adopted children have the right to know who their biological parents are, if it is known to the authorities
You can go big game hunting alone and buy hunting guns
You can go into the clubs with 18+
For some it may be tempting to borrow an identification card of large sibling or other one similar. Still others may be tempted to falsify identity documents. There are many reasons why the temptation may feel great for many. Maybe your friends are 'on the town' while not going into some places?

DO NOT do it, it can have consequences for you if it gets reviewed!

All who are caught with fake identity cards, could be prosecuted and fined.

See also: Use Mediation
Ports on the record
Stricter penalties may also create problems later in life. Many cases end with a waiver, said police directorate. If the case is reviewed, it ends up on the record and can make it difficult with certain occupations, study and study abroad.

If you lend away identity cards and this is discovered and reviewed, this may have implications for you.

Consequences for sale
Shops and clubs that sell beer to young people under 18 can be fined and risk losing bestow grant or rights to sell alcoholic drinks.

Penal Code
Penal Code § 202 is broken using a fake ID. The penalty is a fine or imprisonment of up to two years for those who are caught, and fine or imprisonment up to six months for those knowing leaves credentials to others by Penal Code § 366 .

I guess all of you who write against the use of fake ID is either over 18 or are too stupid to realize that the rules in Norway are completely out still on drugs. I accept the rules and have no plan to get something fake leg myself, but I must say that there are age limits and the madman superficial check of load that allows just the younger people want add. Maybe a lot of young people are immature and unable to handle alcohol, smoke and snuff ... But personally, I think that it is they who should have been punished and not the rest of us who are actually talented enough to be able to use the products properly.

I understand that people think it's ridiculous to use a post that is not yours. But mature young people who only have older friends understand I have problems with temptation. When I lived in Spain for a few years we went from the we were 13 years old and drank. When I moved to Norway I used my sister's place and I've never been caught with it even though I've used it for two or three years. Twice they have said that it is not similar to me and they will not let me in. Very few guards who bothered to care about such (especially if you behave mature and look older). But of course, it is risky and you are taken you will be directed. SI that you have been taken then and it comes on the record ... Life do not go under get it on. It's shit, yes, but the experiences are only good to bring into your life. My opinion. Everyone has different, so do not hate others for their opinions. Pliis.

I denied to go to the movies where it was 18-year limit: L I asked cinema chick about other films that went ... She replied sour back that blåfjell went and tintin the adventure ... I just wtf?!? So when it comes to alcohol then I get friends to buy, ie those aged 16 + Reply to anonymous: If you look youthful, it is quite risky to have fake leg, but looking older is better. Why not get someone else to buy for you?

I do not see the point and have a false leg I, and the need for and could do everything possible until you are 18 years old. what when you turn 18 then and can do all this legal? hava going to find on it for and "live life a little" when you've done everything already? false leg is just an easier way and try to be "adult", but it and be adult is more extensive one to buy alcohol and drink you drunk with the rest of the oldies on pøben. I'm not saying I do not drink yourself or do other villainy. but I'd rather wait and get joy then. than to rush me into the adult world, I most probably will out of when I am there ..

Insanely how awesome you think you are! ;) .. Enjoy looking it one of the extremely good nightclubs with ID: 18! Expect that you can not wait until she can stick with all "16-year-olds with fake leg"! Really capture me, that comment should be listed as Norway klein recommended ..

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