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20 signs that YOU are in love + video

Here at ung.no we often get questions from young people who wonder if they are in love. In this article you will find 20 signs that may indicate that YOU are in love!

1. Smiling
When we are in love, we are often happy and we smile generally more than usual. A smile can say more than words, and if you smile a lot to the person you are in love, you show interest.

2. Vision
It is often the case that we see a lot of it we like, maybe a little in hiding. Searching gaze his / her and would like them to notice you.

3. Be Near
We will simply be close to the one we are in love, you want to get to know him / her. You seizes almost every chance you can to be near.

4. Extra attention
The person you love often get extra attention from you. You give compliments and you often give attention that he / she will notice you.

5. Talk to him / her
As mentioned earlier, we want to get to know who we are in love, and the best way to get to know is to talk. When you are in love starts you often call and try a little extra hard to keep it going. You're afraid to say anything "silly" and is very keen to get confirmation process.

6. Your friends get to hear a lot about who you are in love
Many are interested in what their friends think about it they like. You tell them about him / her and how wonderful that person is.

7. Flirting
Flirting is a very obvious way to show someone that you are in love or interested in them. When one is in love, one begins therefore often flirting.

8. You chug you
This point up to apply perhaps most of the guys. It is quite natural that one will emerge as tough near the one is in love.

9. Småerting
It is very common that they want to be funny and that banter bit. Here it is important not to exaggerate. You do not want that you're in love to be annoyed or upset.

10. You get nervous
Nervousness is a natural part of being in love, and it's something most people know of, usually the beginning of a love. You're also a little afraid to act weird or abnormal.

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11. You are concerned about how you appear
It is often the case that one is more concerned about how you look and how emerges when one is in love. But it is important that you are yourself and not make you. Be yourself!

12. Physical contact
When one is in love, it is natural to seek physical contact, and that they want to be near the one likes. It can be anything from giving a hug to a pat on the shoulder.

13. Joy
You feel joy and be happy when you see the one you like. Often it is so that he / she does, makes you happy.

14. Social media
You are concerned that you enjoy, both in "real life" and social media. Checking often if she / he has posted a new picture or compose a new living room update.

15. You are always waiting for a response
After you have sent a message tl him / her, wait for an answer and you know that the heart pumps little extra fast when you see you've got answers.

16. Tingling in the stomach
Infatuation affect us both physically and mentally. When you are in love you can feel it tingling in your stomach and you are sweating in your hands when you are near the one you like, or when you think of him / her.

17. Common interests
You want you to have some common interests, which both of you can relate to and a place you can meet. Therefore, try to find something you have in common or you try to create it.

18. Laughter
When he / she is trying to be funny, you laugh. You seem really that he / she is funny all the time.

19. Jealousy
It is quite natural to be jealous when you see it you like with others, even if they or you are not boyfriends.

20. You take initiative
You're sure you're in love and you think he / she likes you back, why do you take might initiative and want to get to know?

People are different, it is also true when one is in love. How to behave when you are in love and the signs that you may be in love thus varies considerably from person to person. 0Uansett it is important that you are yourself!

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