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Anne (16) was taken to drink alcohol in public space

You are taken to drink alcohol in the park, you get fined. In addition, the police send concern to child protection.

Read about Anne who was taken to drink in the park, and the Line (14) that got away.

Public and quality assured
Anne 16 years
Anne goes to high school, but thrive poorly and have been absent from school. Mom is worried about her and it becomes a great deal bickering at home. Anne has a girlfriend, Line of 14 years who also have difficulties at home and at school. In her spare haunt them together with a thread where most are older than them. Anne has a boyfriend of 21 years. One evening they are apprehended by the police because they sit in the park and relax with a beer. Some smoke pot too, but it does not Anne and her friend her.

Anne get fined
Anne (16) gets a penalty (a fine) of £ 1,500. for violations of the Alcohol Act § 8-9 , subsection 1 no. 5. In addition, sending police a concern message to child protection.

Line (14) is NOT fine
Line (14) is NOT fines for violations of the Alcohol Act, but police sends worrying message to the child welfare system.

Concern Conversation
Anne is the age of criminal liability is 15 years. It is forbidden to drink alcohol in public places in Norway. This is regulated by the Alcohol Law. Line can not be punished because she is under age of criminal liability. When someone under 18 commits an offense, the police must notify the child welfare system.

Why would the police prioritize this
One of the most important police do is to prevent, in particular to prevent youths recruited into crime. Therefore, making the police an effort that young people should not be criminal. One measure is concern conversation .

Police believe that this conversation can make you understand what is about to happen to you. The police are doing this to help, and hopefully give you a nudge on the road to learn to take responsibility. They work with established criminal, and therefore know very well how a criminal career looks like and do not want you to get a criminal career.

Alcohol Law
The police can fetch you home
The police can pick you up at home or at school if you do not show a concern conversation, but they want and advise you to meet voluntary. This is not an interrogation, and it's not on the record that you have been in for a conversation with the police.

Chance of drunkards
In Norway we do not want that alcohol should be drunk in public places. The reason is that many feel uncomfortable when someone drinking in a park or a square where people may be present. Having drunk a lot of alcohol is the possibility greater that it is committed vandalism, some begin to fight or that there will be noise which disturbs and frightens others. So if you're drinking in a public place, you must understand that this may seem daunting at others who may reside there. As punishment for drinking in a public place, the police can give you a ticket.

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