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Kenneth (14) must meet with the police

Kenneth truant part. He hangs at the center in the evenings, where it takes part shoplifting. He gets called in for an interview at the police station with his mother, why?

Public and quality assured
Kenneth had to meet for a conversation with the police
Kenneth go to secondary school, but starting to get tired of theoretical subjects and want to start working instead. He truant a lot and stay mostly at and in a shopping mall in the center in the evenings. He's with a bunch where most are made for shoplifting and drinking in public. Shortly after midnight one evening becomes Kenneth taken by police and driven home to her mother.

Some days later his mother a letter from the police stating that he and his mother have been summoned to the police to a 'conversation' about Kenneth and issues surrounding the environment he lives in. The letter states that they are obliged to meet, if they can not be retrieved.

Police may bring home 'children who run around on their own after noon. 2200 '.

The police may also impose children and their guardians to attend a worry conversation if police have 'reason to believe that someone under 18 has committed a criminal offense'.

Concern Conversation
When you are under 15 there is no requirement that you have committed a crime to be summoned to a concern call. It is enough that the police are concerned.

Why would the police prioritize this
One of the most important police do is to prevent, in particular to prevent youths recruited into crime. Therefore, making the police part of the youth not to become criminals. One thing is worrying conversation .

Police believe that this conversation can make you understand what is about to happen to you. And the police are doing this to help, and hopefully give you a nudge on the road to learn to take responsibility. They work with established criminal, therefore they know well how a criminal career looks like and want you not to be one of those they meet again in a few years as a real criminal.

The police can fetch you home
The police can pick you up at home or at school if you do not show a concern conversation, but they want and advise you to meet voluntary. This is not an interrogation, and it's not on the record that you have been in for a conversation with the police.

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