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Beware of file sharing or piracy

File sharing may be illegal copying. Want to use file sharing, you must be aware of the copyright laws. Read more about it here.

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Much of the content found on the Internet are protected by legislation on copyright. This means that the people who own the rights to the music, film or computer program you want to download, can decide how their products are made available.

Copyright Act
Law on copyright aimed at both those who illegally make files available to others, and those who download files down.

Has anyone done, for example, films available on the Internet, you may be breaking the Law on copyright if you download it.

legal downloads
However, not all downloading or file sharing is illegal. A variety of payment services make copyrighted material legally available for download.

In addition, materials in line with copyright gratuitously can be downloaded.

On www.nrk.no/podkast are a number of radio and television programs available for free download. Some artists put their music available for free download on the Internet, often as marketing itself. NRK Untouched is an example of such a music database.

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File sharing
The fewer files that you share, the less risk you have to infringe copyrights.

If you limit the number of files others have access to, you get more insight into what you share. It may be a criminal offense to share files even if you are negligent.

In many file sharing services is a prerequisite for download that can simultaneously share files with others. This increases the risk of negligence and criminal liability.

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Copyright and Liability
If you violate the copyright, could expose you to criminal and civil liability. By downloading and using the software without a license, also known as piracy, you get no access to technical support or upgrades.

Claims resulting from the use of pirated copies can be substantial. The settlement is based on what it would have cost if you were to purchase material legally. Counterfeiting and use of such programs and files, is also punishable for the person who performs copying, and those who might contribute to the illegal copying.

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If you violate the law of copyright can be punished in the form of fines. In particularly serious cases of piracy, the penalty may amount to imprisonment not exceeding three years.

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