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The age of criminal responsibility

The age of criminal responsibility in Norway is 15 years ( Penal Code § 20 first paragraph a ). Persons under 15 who commit crimes can not be punished.

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Although the age of criminal responsibility is 15 years, it is still not allowing persons under 15 years and commit crimes are completely without responsibility or instruments.

Children under 15 years can not be arrested or detained in custody.
Conversely, those by the Police Act § 8 brought into the police station, police office or other premises used by the police, and held there for up to 4 hours.

If young people are drunk, they may be referred by the Police Act § 9 .

Prohibition to reside a certain place
The police can through prosecutors prohibit a person who is under 15 years old to reside in a particular place by the Criminal Procedure Act § 222c . Stay prohibition requires that there is reason to believe that the risk / likelihood that the child makes an offense increases if the child is on site. The ban will be timed and maximum 6 months at a time

Concern Conversation
Out alone after noon. 22
In addition, police have a special authority for intervention against children in the Police Act § 13 . Children who run around on their own in a public place after 22.00, and believed to be under 15, can be displayed or run home.

Read more about banning .

concern Conversation
Sometimes asking the police yourself to a call at the police station together with one or both of your nearest adult. This is called a worry conversation, and used when the police are concerned that you may have problems and break the law.

In such a conversation, the police like to know what is behind the problems you've been involved in, and suggest to you and the adults what can be done to make you feel better. The goal is not to punish you but to help you and your guardian to take responsibility for adding the heading and change behavior.

Offences of those between 15 and 18
Both you and the adults are legally required to meet up when you receive an invitation to concern conversation. The call registered by the police, but will not be listed on the record.

Mediation with Mediation
If you are reported for an offense, the police can in some cases determine that this shall be submitted to the Mediation Service for mediation - instead of cops imposes punishes you. That does not mean you "let off more," but that you must take responsibility for making up for you directly.

This happens when you meet the person who has reviewed you face to face, along with a Mediation Service Broker. The broker can help you to together to find a way to resolve the problem.

Mediation in Mediation is voluntary. This means that both parties must be willing to participate, and that you have admitted to having done what you are reviewed for. If this is in place, the case goes to regular treatment by the police.

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