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Do you have a disability and want to do sports?

Norwegian sport has room for everyone and the Norwegian Sports jobs for everyone who wants it can find a sport and an offer that is tailored to individual requirements and aspirations. Do you desire to start with a sport? Initiate - there are many possibilities!

Public and quality assured
Would you like to start with sport in your local environment, but unsure of how to proceed?

Norwegian Confederation of Sports has a service with a contact form where you can enter information about yourself. You will then be contacted by the Norwegian Confederation of Sports consultants sports for disabled and / or national federations whose sports you are interested in:

Contact form - start with sport for the disabled

You can also make direct contact with sports associations , they are responsible for organizing and facilitating physical activity for persons with disabilities in their sports. Here you will find a list of contact persons responsible for persons with disabilities in every single sports associations.

Athletes = Commitment
Professionals have an overview of offer in your county
There is also information please contact the Norwegian Confederation of Sports with each county in charge of sports for the disabled. Do not hesitate to contact us! Professionals have a good overview of what is available in each county, and can help both sports and you activities.

Calendar of what is happening
Norwegian Confederation of Sports has also updated calendar of courses, conferences, theme nights and events that have a special focus on sports for the disabled.

activity Aids
Someone needs activity aids in order to operate with a sport. You can read more about activity aids and suppliers of equipment here

Engaged? Join an organization!
Children and young people under 26 years old can get equipment for training and stimulation to maintain and / or improve motor and cognitive function. The assumption is that the functioning is permanent and significant impairment. Utilities to play and sport must be necessary and appropriate for a normal activity and development. Emphasis is placed on the individual's needs. If you or someone close to you need an aid, takes you in touch with community health services where you live. Is there a need for assistance in investigation and trial, sent referral form to NAV Assistive Technology. News help form filled out and attached to the application form.

You can find more information about this on nav.no

Competition and classification
Classification is a way to put in the system and make competitions for disabled righteous.

Also read: Rights for young people with disabilities
Performers with disabilities are divided into classes on the basis of degree of disabilities in relation to the individual sports. Which class each contestant shall participate in, is a process that is different from sport to sport. This may include physical and technical assessment and observation in competition and training. Every sport has different classification rules, and defines itself slightest disability to qualify for participation. Minimum disability will vary from sport to sport, and one can, if experience to satisfy requirements for the minimum disability in a sport but not in another.

A contestant can change class during sports career, and this may be due to the athlete's injury / illness is changing or that the classification rules change. Classification made by approved klassifisører. This applies to all sports.

Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF) has teamed up with sports associations responsible for national classification. There are separate klassifisører for international championships.

Classification is the athlete's responsibility
Classification should be made by an approved klassifisør and it is the athlete's responsibility to be classified. Each classification is NOK. 200, - and be paid by the athlete or club. Travel expenses for klassifisør should also be covered by the one being classified. Costs of classification may be different in sports where the national federations are responsible.

On the website of the Norwegian Confederation of Sports , you can read more about Norwegian sport can offer you, whether you are active or want to be.

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