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I am a girl of 17 years who has scoliosis and a connective tissue disorder. This corrodes! I struggle as well psychologically. How can I increase my joy of life?

Hello I am a girl of 17 years and I suffer from scoliosis and also have a connective tissue disorder (hypermobility syndrome), infection in both feet and nerve damage in one foot too. This burns me out in so many ways, because I'm tired all the time. Things that are easy for others can be quite difficult for me (my illness might make me twice as fast tired than those who do not suffer from this "fresh") such as, socialize, be in some types of physical activity, only it go hurts, I sleep badly at night, 3 hours each day normally due pains. I'm struggling mentally much because of diseases but also because I have had some childhood trauma as sexual abuse, serious mental ill parent who has tried to commit suicide, poverty (that you see that your own parents can not afford a bread even) I've seen people I love and know die both physically and mentally. I wonder how I can heal or at least increase the life my joy, there's an answer?

Hey girl 17 years
Thank you for writing to us at Ung.no.

It sounds like you are hurting both physically and mentally. I can understand that and I think that you have experienced more than most of us.

You ask about how you can increase the joy of life and whether there are answers to this.

It is possible to get better! There is hope for you to increase your joy of life!

The physical symptoms you describe is perhaps something you need to deal with in the best possible way. You are aware of your limitations and there is enough important for you to listen to this! It is important to listen to their bodies!

The mental pain you have are normal reactions to abnormal events! It's not your fault! But it has been like for you that others have done to you is you who must suffer for now!

This may seem unfair!

Are you talking to someone about the trauma yours?

To have processed what you have experienced and witnessed could be important for you!

By trauma as symptoms of these come many years after. Then comes often nightmares and reliving of what one has witnessed or been subjected.

It leaves one tired and many isolate themselves or avoid being with others because it is too demanding.

I would advise you to talk to a psychologist if you are not already doing it to rewrite the painful your experiences.

Joie de vivre is very individual.

If you think of something that makes you happy or something you've enjoyed before what are you thinking of?

Like to draw? Write? Read? Listen to music? Audio book?

Trying to find pleasure in something can improve quality of life greatly.

Sometimes one must search a bit to get back to something that you have experienced as meaningful. But it is possible!

For those who have been exposed to severe traumatic events as is often the positive emotions well hidden. It can be like a kind of coping strategy and something you do automatically to protect themselves and to try to control what is and has been hurt.

You can talk to your GP to be referred to a psychologist.

I enclose some articles for you that you can benefit from.

Wishing you all the best and that you get better soon!

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