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I got fined for a theft two years ago, it would have an impact on my education as social educator?

Hello. 2 years ago I did something incredibly stupid and got a regular fines for theft. Now I am studying to become a social educator and has been offered a new job as health worker in substance abuse and psychiatry in a municipality. I have been asked to submit a police. I know that there are new rules for what should be included in this certificate, but I do not know what. And they ask me to present the certificate when I was offered a new job in December, before this rule came into effect? And will educate themselves as social being completely wasted now, with this anmerkninen on the record?

I can not answer you specifically because I do not know what sentence provision you were punished for. But you write that you got a regular fines and penalties are recorded in your record, or in your conduct as it is called.

To work as social educator requires that it must produce a so-called "limited" police. This police certificate will only appear if one has been charged, indicted or have accepted or been convicted of violations of certain specified criminal provisions related to sexual offenses, drugs, murder, violence and aggravated robbery. It is also stated by health and care § 5-4 that under the Act can ask for police and it shall be stated in the certificate if the person has remark including theft.

But even if you must submit a police with the remarks that you have accepted penalty for theft, then you are thus not precluded from getting a job there. It's just a crime that makes you directly prevented from getting a job, and stated in accordance with § 5-4 a, and there is no theft involved. And that means that in cases where someone is convicted of theft must nevertheless be an assessment of whether he / she can work as a nurse.

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