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Why are some tempted to do illegal things?

Hello I wonder what caused most to be tempted to do something that we know is illegal and can be punished. If your background has a lot to say? That I mean that if you have family problems etc. Thanks for the reply

Thank you for your question, girl 16 years!

You ask a difficult but interesting question. As I understand your question so you wonder if there is something that makes some easier tempted to do illegal things than others? And though it may have something with what kind of background you have, such as family relationships and childhood.

Doing illegal things could be so much different. There may be stealing, robbing, violence, traffic violations and many other things.

What is known is that there are certain factors that increase the risk to do illegal things, thus committing crimes.

One is age and gender. Young boys and men, from late teens and mid-twenties, are the ones who commit most offenses.
The second is that those who have difficulty in school and those who drop out of school or workplace often can commit crime.
Financial problems, housing problems and substance abuse are also factors that can be seen in those who commit crime.
People are different, have different values, different upbringing and different culture. They get different limits on what they think is right and wrong.

If you have grown up in a family where there has been much conflict, little love and unity can certainly affect how a person relates to other people and society in general.

I hope this gave you some answers to your question!

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