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My leisure: Song and Music | The recording Studio kids + Video

Johanna (18) of Lenvik in Troms sing mass in his spare time, she has a beautiful voice and is used to performing in front of an audience. Ung.no interviewed her about how it is to have singing as leisure activity.

What is the greatest thing to have singing as leisure activity? For me, singing a good relaxation, I relax. When I sing it's just me and my voice. I get out my thoughts and can express my feelings while I get to be myself and just enjoy it.

How long have you interesting in singing and music? My whole life, really. When I was younger, I sang in a children's choir and took piano lessons. When I was a little older, I started to take singing lessons. I also come from a very musical famille, singing and music has been a part of growing up. I remember well when I got my first microphone, when I went in 6th grade, and it was in a way when I realized that I really liked to sing.

Will you be better at singing?

Do you play any instruments? My voice is the my main instrument, but I also play piano.

How much exercise you daily? When I'm home I sing enough around an hour each day.

What are your ambitions, when it comes to singing? I have a dream to get a few songs on Spotify and now with my own music and have the opportunity to make others happy.

Where have you been performing? I have been involved in a musical directed by arts and sung with orchestra. I have also sung at graduations, at a mall, in churches, at weddings, funerals and at local concerts.

What has been the highlight so far in your singing career? The highlight must be enough when I got in our record two self-penned songs in the studio, and when I made my own music.

What is the best memory you have associated with singing and music? The first time I performed a separate written song, and when I get good feedback. I also have many fine experiences related to the playing and singing with others.

What inspires you? What inspires me most is enough that the melody and text to express your thoughts, feelings, opinions and values.

Do you have any musical influences? My brother is one of my musical influences, he is incredibly talented on guitar. He also plays drums, piano, bass, ukulele and harmonica. He has very good ear. I would also thatch forward Carrie Underwood, Trygve Skaug, Kari Jobe and Adele as my musical influences.

What advice would you give to others who want to start singing? It is important to be themselves, find a text they want to convey, sings from the heart, enjoying themselves and enjoying the moment. I would also advise others to run their own style and sing about something they want to tell others about. If you start writing your own songs, is a good advice and collect all finished texts and ideas in a separate file, so you have a record.

How to write songs
Do you have tips for how others can get started? Choirs and singing organized by the arts are great ways to get started on. When I took singing lessons, I attend concerts and made new acquaintances. UKM is also a great deal, then you can showcase your potential and your talent. And to be able to sing also required much self-training, and it is the singing almost wherever one is.

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