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Relax your body and little obvious? + Music Video

When the time has come that you take hold of yourself and do something about it.

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There may be many reasons why you feel sluggish and tired. If you know yourself that you have minimal moving and not ingest the nutrients your body needs, it may be time to take action.

Do you believe in miracles?
Dieting is often not the right solution. There are no limits to what is offered by slimming products, such as slimming soaps, slimming soles, slender powder diet pills slankete, banana and pineapple cures. Much that it offered, holding simply not what it promises. Those who try to lose weight with these courses, see kilos breeds quickly again. Do not be fooled! There is no other way to get into shape, lose weight and keep the weight on than changing diet and exercise habits.

Will you do something about the shape, why not follow some of our tips:

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
Cut out soda
Eat fish, lean meat and poultry
Do not eat between meals
Eat foods instead of candy if you're hungry

When losing weight is not only fat consumed. The body will also prey on muscle tissue - especially if you are physically inactive. Reduced muscle mass leads to lower metabolism. After completing slimmers therefore experience many new and often faster weight gain. When put on weight again, it is mostly fat tissue and not muscle mass increases.

Physical activity is required for reducing muscle loss when the body is in energy losses.
Therefore, move! You'll be amazed when you see how easy it is to add some exercise into your daily routine.

To walk or cycle to and from work is great exercise! If you have a long way to school and have to use the bus or train, you can get off some stops "premature" and walk the last few minutes of school. Here are some tips for everyday activities that provide exercise:

Walk or bike instead of using the car or public

Hiking in the evening and at the weekend
Take the stairs instead of the elevator
Lek (luge, ball games, skiing, skating, etc.)
Housework (scrubber, vacuuming)
Car Wash

How many calories you burn when you ...
Drikker etter trening Sports Drink
Sports Drink

Sitting quietly: 39 kcal
Eats: 42 kcal
Standstill: 48 kcal
Stryker: 60 kcal
Vacuum: 87 kcal
Sinks: 120 kcal
Mows the lawn: 207 kcal
Playing golf: 159 kcal
Playing tennis: 204 kcal
Smooth Running (6 km / h) 150 kcal
Driver water gymnastics: 258 kcal
Play football: 266 kcal
Bicycles: (22 km / h) 266 kcal
Jogging (10 km / h) 292 kcal
Swimmer breast swimming: 292 kcal
Driver aerobics (medium): 300 kcal
Cross-country skiing (medium): 400 kcal
Runs (15 km / h): 480 kcal
The figures here are based on a girl who weighs 62 kg and is active in 30 min. Those who weigh more will use more energy.

have patience
Too many expect them to lose many kilos a month. A weight loss of 1-2 kg a month is a very good result.

I think I'll start vacuuming frequently, so burn I both little calories and makes mom happy.

Hello Go up in weight is easy but not down! The best way to lose weight is to go bass angel! you should not swim but go into the water eat only 5 times a day only healthy food crap least 5 glasses of water a day take 40 sit-ups in the morning and 50 at night so I went down to about 20 kg in 5 months! Good luck! Do not look in the mirror get a lot! otherwise you see yourself as a bucket!

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