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Will CPS take my child because I have a disability?

Hello Go up in weight is easy but not down! The best way to lose weight is to go bass angel! you should not swim but go into the water eat only 5 times a day only healthy food crap least 5 glasses of water a day take 40 sit-ups in the morning and 50 at night so I went down to about 20 kg in 5 months! Good luck! Do not look in the mirror get a lot! otherwise you see yourself as a bucket!Hi! I and my exsen (20 years) talking about getting children away, we fancy children. But we are afraid that the child takes it from us. We are both renal function inhibited and parents our saying that we can not have children and it disappoints me. Because my mom says almost all the time that it is strictly forbidden to get pregnant. And they know that we are old enough to take responsibility to get pregnant or not. We do not want children now but sometime in the future. So I wonder if there is an opportunity to give birth to the child also enlist the help of family and friends to have a helping responsibilities? or whether CPS takes it from us right away? I have learned once again that a child must grow up side own parents! I realize that if you drink alcohol, you have a reason to be taken from the children there, but we're never going to be there. Thank you very much in advance?

It's a very good question you asked, but unfortunately it is impossible for me to give you a completely definitive answers about what CPS possibly going to do if you have children. What I can do is write a bit about the provisions of the Children Act and the Child Welfare Act, and so I hope that this can help you stay on track in terms of what you decide.
As you probably know, the Children Act rules that children are entitled to care and consideration from those who have parental responsibility for it. Parents have a duty to provide child good care, both in terms of practical things like food, clothing, help with schooling and experiences in relation to the emotional care.
You are right in that the starting point is that children should grow up with their parents. But this does not apply in cases where the parents do not have the opportunity to give their child proper care. In some cases, the County Board therefore had to take care of a child.
You write that you and your ex have a disability. It is not automatic that CPS is going to take from you your child even if you have a disability. But if you have a disability goes beyond their ability to give the child proper care must CPS to consider whether they should initiate assistance measures to ensure the child good enough care of their home, or whether they as a last resort must take care of the child. The crucial in a child care is about child gets proper care by their parents or not.
The fact that one has the opportunity to get help and support of family can probably be taken into consideration, but it is not certain that this can be given decisive weight in a child care.
Because I do not know anything about what kind of disability you have, it is impossible for me to say anything more specific about how the CPS will consider your ability to care, and it is also so that the child and the County Board will consider your case concretely only after you possibly have children. But I hope that what I have written is of help to you, and that you get what you want in the future.

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