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Rules for married abroad

Marriage contracted abroad will NOT be valid in Norway if:

One of the parties will not.
One of the parties is under 18 when they marry.
Marriage is entered into without both parties were present at the marriage ceremony (deputy marriage and telephone marriage).
One of the parties is already married.
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To pass the marriage in Norway, both parties must be at least 18 years when the marriage is concluded.

Marriage certificate and approval
Those who marry abroad must notify the National Registry and show a marriage certificate or proof that he or she has entered into marriage. If the National Registry finds marriage valid is the marriage registered. Finds however the population register that marriage is not valid according to Norwegian law, for example because one of the parties was under 18 at the time of marriage, the marriage will not be registered in the population register.

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Is the marriage valid in Norway?
The immigration authorities decide whether the marriage was valid in Norway if someone is applying for family reunion (reunion with a resident in Norway). If immigration authorities determine that there is a valid marriage, for example, because the marriage took place when one of the parties was under 18, they will not be granted family reunification in Norway. This allows the couple nor the ability to live together in Norway. It is important to note that it is the age at time of marriage which are essential, which means that it does not help to apply for family reunification after both parties are at least 18 years.

The county governor can approve the marriage later if there are special circumstances. Applications for subsequent approval of marriage sent to the County Governor of Oslo and Akershus .

Nadia is a Norwegian citizen and resident in Norway. She is 16 years old and it is wished she marries Marco resident in X country. They want to get married in X country where the marriage age for girls is 16 years old. If they marry in X-land they will not be counted as married in Norway - not after Nadia turns 18. There will be practical problems for the couple that they are considered married for X-country, but not in Norway. Marco will not be able to get a family reunion because of marriage to Nadia. They decide to wait with marriage to Nadia at least the age of 18.

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on forced marriages
Marriages shall be concluded voluntarily. No one will be forced into marriage against their will. This is enshrined in human rights and also follows Norwegian law.

Penalties Bart forcibly
It is a criminal offense to force someone to marry. This applies to both mental and physical coercion.

Punishment for this is imprisonment for up to 6 years (cfr. Penal Code § 253 ).

Also whoever contributes to forced marriage is punishable by law. This also applies when someone (Norwegian or foreign national) has committed the offense abroad.


Having such a father, living in Norway, threatened his daughter to marry on a vacation trip to the country of origin, will also be punishable.

I can not answer a question anywhere .. let's say that if you get married in eg Italy and both agree and are over 18. What happens if you do not report this to the National Registry? Is it a criminal offense or a choice one has? What are the consequences? Hope someone knows.

Hi! I am a girl of 18 years to marry one from Turkey and he is 23. We wondered if we should have one elelr two weddings one in each country or whether we eventuellt must do it in Norway first, whether it is any rules about it, I've heard that we have in Norway first, but is that right? also heard that you just need to get married down there that there are new rules and that it is automatically transferred so that a married in Norway as well! :)

hey I need help I am Norwegian and live in Spain and want to marry my girlfriend coming in from Tunisia, we live together army down and wishes and get married to a judge what documents we need these documents: certificate of residence - fødselsattest- civil certificate and passport heard that we had to have a paper that we are not under guardianship what is it possibly what it's called where it can be brought in from

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