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Use Mediation

Mediation helps ordinary people in a conflict situation, absolutely free. Agents of Mediation helps you find a solution to all types of conflicts - without going on the ordinary criminal record.

Mediation Mediation is an opportunity for those who are involved in a conflict or an offense (see examples below). An independent mediator to facilitate a meeting between you and the other (s) involved in the conflict.

Anyone can contact the Mediation Service for information, advice and guidance on an actual case. You agree not to something when you contact them, and Mediation Service has also confidentiality.

Mediation is:
Voluntary - the parties may at any time withdraw from mediation
For all ages
The mediators in the conflict council has expertise in conflict management, but does not give legal advice. In most cases for mediation, the parties to an agreement. Under-18s must meet with guardians.

How can this help you?
Mediation is for anyone who has a conflict they want to solve. Examples of this might be if you have committed vandalism, stolen anything abusive to someone, or if you have been bullied or received threats. Mediation helps you to untangle, by allowing both parties have influence on the solution to the conflict.

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The agreements signed are either an agreement on compensation, work or reconciliation. If both parties adhere and implement the agreement, ironed anything that otherwise would have come on your record.

Contact Mediation Service if you:
have a conflict you want help solving
wants to influence solution
wants to have a positive relationship with the other party in the future
will be done with the matter and / or make up for you
What matters?
Mediation is offered to everyone and treats both criminal offenses and civil conflicts. Criminal cases of police addressed in Mediation entails no registration at the annual police certificate. Examples of matters Mediation processes can be:

theft / stealing
assault / violence
family conflicts
Conflicts between the tenant / landlord

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