четверг, 26 января 2017 г.

Are there juvenile prison in Norway?

Hey, I wonder if it's juvenile prison in Norway? Just as for people under 15 years old? (Or 18 years) I have not done anything criminal, I just wonder. And if it is, it often happens that children going to prison?

The age of criminal liability in Norway is 15 years, which means that children under 15 can not be punished. Basically, children who have reached 15 years sentenced to imprisonment if they commit serious offenses, but in Norway, one tries as far as possible to avoid imprisoning people under 18 years.

It's probably not so often that people under 18 are sentenced to prison, but I have no numbers or record of how often this happens, so unfortunately I can not give you a more precise answer to this. But if you came in the newspapers a few months ago you should remember that two boys of 16 and 17 years were sentenced to prison for robbery and rape. So there are cases where the Court is compelled to judge people under 18 years of prison, even if you try to avoid this.

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