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Got a voldsdom, and wonder how long it remains on the record

Hello. Got a voldsdom, and wonder how long it remains on the record. Is there anything that can stop me and get in the military, become a fireman or the like. He was sentenced on 6 months.

You have not written anything about when you got the verdict, and then I can unfortunately not give you a completely safe answer.

How long relationship remains on the ordinary police certificate supplied by Police Registers Act § 40 . The general rule is that a relationship will remain for three years from the judgment is rendered, see § 40 no. 5. But then there are some exceptions to this, and it is for example where a person under 18 years old have received a conditional sentence or a fine. In such a case the relationship does not appear from the police certificate if it is more than two years since the judgment was delivered or fine adopted.

Read through the Police Registers Act § 40, it can be a bit difficult to understand because there are many exceptions to the rules, but read it carefully you will find the answer to your question about how long the sentence remains on the ordinary police certificate.

It is the ordinary police certificate used in most cases, but in some cases it is required to submit an exhaustive or expanded police, or a childcare certificate. For example, when an application for admission to the Police Academy to deliver a complete police, and this will all relationship one has been penalized reaction appear, no matter how long ago it was.

It is possible that what you did can be a hindrance in terms of getting into the military or relative to become a firefighter. But it should be an assessment, so it is not obvious that you can not get into the military or become a fireman, but you should also be aware that you may need to choose a different path.

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