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When life has become too busy

I go to handball, choir, climbing, snowboarding and skiing. I want to do well in school because I have to have good grades for what I'm going into afterwards .
life busy

.. I've always had a lot of good friends and my best friend have it hard now and I try to help as best I can. On weekends I try to make time for my girlfriend when I'm not working at the cafe. When I do my homework now, I am not able to concentrate and lately I have begun to cry sometimes for no reason.

Other tags before it goes too far
You know that it is not even funny anymore when at handball training or when the choir will have a concert. You know that you are longer awake at night before trying to school. You know that you begin to get a little stomach ache and it's very hard to get up in the morning. Perhaps you often head hurts and you start taking aspirin several times a month. You have less patience with younger siblings and there are often fights with your parents. When you should have a nice friend evening was not as you expected, for you knew a lump in your stomach and your mind is on skisamlingen the weekend, and you know that you are a bit squeamish when you think about it.

Normal reaction to an abnormal situation
Your body is trying to tell. It says: "Now it's too much! I need some quiet time too. Break!" It tries to tell in different ways: high pulse / heart palpitations, headaches, poor concentration, sadness, often disease / infections, restlessness in the body, tiredness / fatigue or other physical or psychological reactions. You can take signals from the body and calm down and get on track again, or you can overhear / ignore the signals and run some more so signals eventually will become so strong that they can not be overlooked. If you choose the latter, you are close to what is called burnout, exhausted, "hit the wall" or a similar term for the body said stop.

Will get to everything
Maybe you'll be the one who attracts everything and get everything? Well, you may have to adjust some of the ideal. If that is the goal, you will have a good chance of not reaching the goal - before or since. To strive towards the goal not quite manage to reach, gives poor sense of achievement and sense of failure. If others had had the same goal, would you think that it is unrealistic, but you continue to work towards the ultimate goal of your piece. In time, the working fashion goals you can not reach, increase the risk of mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.

Pressure from yourself or pressure from others
Who is it that makes the expectations you have about what you are able to deliver? Is it yourself, there are parents, there are friends, or is it a bit of everything? Have you really thought about how expectations are coming from. Maybe it can be a beginning to stop and think about just that? Think also about who you would be if you can not be the one who attracts everything. It's about redefining yourself - to look at yourself in a new way.

To learn their limits to know
Maybe it's just a part of life is to find out where their borders runs between exploiting its own capacity and to be worn. If you should have known that there was actually too much and you have begun to notice minor or major consequences of it, you've now learned a bit about capacity and capacity limitation. Life is learning, and the nice thing is that if you learn, then you have the opportunity to do things differently next time. Some are easily learned and some have little heavier to take learning on their own behalf, perhaps because they want very to get to everything. When you become aware that you have a choice and that it is YOU who must make the choice to prioritize, add time to relax, adjust target and cut out anything, then you have the opportunity to get well and get a life that is not too busy, but moderately busy.

When you need to opt out of something
Having to choose something away can be very difficult. What to opt out, it's mostly only you can figure it out. Perhaps it might have been wise to chat a bit with others about it, but to put the responsibility on others is not wise, for it is your life it's all about. Perhaps you also feel that you choose the wrong? How can it be, but it is often possible to change their choices next time.

When you opt out something, it will most likely be giving you more time and focus on what you have left, and a joy in what is greater. Maybe you also get time to relax and just do nothing - which is absolutely necessary for everyone in between. Try to think of being "here and now" and focus on what you have chosen and what you're doing now and not on what you chose away or do you think maybe should have chosen instead.

Tips for You
Consider: When you relax?
Consider: What energizes and what is stealing energy?
Adjust target: Set goals that are attainable and cast list for what to number at a realistic level. You can reach a lot, but not all at once!
Be your own best friend and give you the advice you would give your best friend who is trying to catch ALT and be the best in ALT.
Remember that you choose for your life. Make good choices for you that makes you hold, feel good, enjoy and get fit much ....

Thanks for such a useful post, this can be of help to a lot of teenagers nowadays who have very busy. I personally I'm very busy sometimes. But it soon becomes better after I get "free" :)

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