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Tips for a balanced diet + Video

You will not get very far with all sorts of diets. These small adjustments will help you to a healthier lifestyle.

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You are in a phase of life where the body is in growth and development. That means it is important that you get enough food and a variety of different foods so you're getting all the nutrients your body needs. Here you get some good food tips from a fitness specialist reports.

empty calories
For each meal you should choose healthy foods and eating fit amounts of food, either too little or too much. Think about how and what you eat, so you make sure to get in on most of the healthy food and limit your intake of unhealthy foods.

Unhealthy foods like chocolate, potato chips, "fast food", sodas, energy drinks and Tidbits contains much unhealthy fats and sugar and low in nutrients and does not belong in "everyday diet." It is empty calories, which means that your body get enough calories, but very little of vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy and energetic body. One day a week you may well enjoy such things, but try to limit your intake of daily life.

Tips for a healthy and varied diet

Three regular meals
You should have three to four regular meals per day, in addition to one to two snacks. It should not go more than four hours between each meal. For example, could one day look like this:

Breakfast at 7:30
Lunch at 11:30
Snacks at 14:30
Dinner at 16-17: 00
Supper: 19-20: 00

Choose most of these foods:
Whole-Grain Cereal: Dark bread, crackers and cereals without sugar, oats, barley.
Dairy products: Milk, cheese spreads, cottage cheese, yogurts with minimal sugar and cheese of different kinds.
Meat and meat products: Baked ham, chicken toppings and dinner, roast beef, sirloin meat.
Fish and fish products as dinner or orders.
Two fruits and three vegetables every day. Vegetables can be used both for dinner and raw as snacks.
Legumes: peas, beans and lentils.
Compose your meals with foods from the above list and try to have vegetables / fruits at all meals.

Start your day with breakfast and bring a good lunch to school, often also some fruits and vegetables if necessary. Yoghurt, fruit and muesli that you can eat whenever you get hungry before going home from school. You should eat a good dinner consisting of vegetables, meat / fish / legumes and coarse pasta / rice / potatoes / boiled grain and the like. It is important that you eat you fit full at every meal, not too little and not too much.

Fiber is good for digestion and gives a good feeling of fullness that lasts a while. High-fiber foods are vegetables, fruits, whole grain products (wholemeal bread, pasta rough, rough rice), corn / grains, seeds and legumes (peas, beans and lentils).

healthy snacks
And yes, it's supposed to be allowed to enjoy themselves! There are many different healthy snacks, such as:

Fruit salad: Cut up different fruits you like. It is good in itself, but also tastes good with a little vanilla quark.
Apple Bites with cinnamon sprinkle is a very tasty snack when sweet tooth strikes.
Smoothie. On frukt.no you will find many different recipes.
Cut up the vegetables you like most and munch away. One can also make a dip of lean curd to.
Cottage cheese with sugar-free jam.
A cup of tea and rough sweetened with lean prim.
Only imagination!
Drop diets and krampetak training. Make small, healthy adjustments you can live with!

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