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Ane has ADHD

20-year Ane from Stavanger girl and have ADHD. On the outside she looks like a normal girl. During the day she works as an electrician apprentice, and at night she hangs with friends. - But Ane has ADHD, a diagnosis most people tend to see as a kid thing.

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Not a boy diagnosis
- Many people believe that ADHD is a boy diagnosis, but it is not. It's really annoying that people think so. Most girls struggling a bit with being diagnosed when they are primarily troubled inside. I am however disruptive, says Ane.

Difficult to reach
In Norway reckon with that between three and five percent of school-age children have disorders that can be linked to ADHD. Disruptive behavior is often the reason why children are detected and diagnosed. Since the typical ADHD girl did not show the same outer uneasy sake characters guys, it can be difficult and approachable.

- We know that girls have greater difficulty and approachable, says Knut H. Ronder in ADHD Norway.

Harder to see symptoms in girls
- It's done some research showing that girls must have greater symptom traits than boys to be seen. Many people are not aware of the problem. Therefore, much depends on how good the school is, and whom you come in contact with the support services, says Ronder.

André (15) about having ADHD
He goes not with that ADHD primarily affects boys.

- Some researchers believe that the prevalence between boys and girls is two to one, while in adulthood is one to one.

big unknown
If the research is correct, is dark figures large. Ane feels at least in how it is difficult to be discovered when you are a girl and have ADHD.

- The girls are not always heard. For many, it hurts to talk about the disease. It is very difficult for those who have the disease "inside out". Both the girl herself, and parents often believe that there is something else that causes problems, explains Ane, who was diagnosed in the age of fifteen.

- When I was hyperactive. I have always been active in everything. When I started in middle school, it was very difficult for me. I struggled to sit still and concentrate, and together with secondary, it was the worst period for me, says Ane.

The solution was to add a new school plan.

- After starting the drawing, shape and color, I changed to the electrician. I must have a profession where I use head and hands, why do I now teach.

Anes diagnosis also helped her get a separate adjusted plan.

- I can go to learn for four years instead of two, and in that way I will not have to go more on school.

Difference of medicines
Although apprenticeship life has done much to improve Anes situation, is not it true that the problems disappear as long as she stays away from the classroom.

- I notice diagnosis much more in school than when I work, although concentration bust in one now and.

To help her concentration problems go Ane on medication, intended to make life easier.

Some have good effeklt of medicine
After his own experience with the major difference different drugs can have is Ane clear that no one should settle down with the first and best.

- It is important to not just take the first and best medicine you get. Do not worry about what everyone around you is saying, it is you who should be happy.

ADHD is matter not only grief.

- I think it's positive to have so much extra energy, says Ane and smiles.

Contact ADHD Association if you have questions or would like assistance.

Hi, I am a girl of 15 years. Mom and dad have ever since I was 5 years thought that I had ADHD.Jeg never liked that di've talked about it, and my sister have always used it as sjelsord. I do not have much trouble with school, only thing is that I read very widely to achieve what I lost. Can read for 5 days and still remember just as when I started. Much of what you said matching me. I jump from thing to thing in conversations, and people are laughing when I suddenly ask if something suddenly jumped into my head. I have very poor concentration, some I sit to do something every hour can all disturb me. And istened to see what I do though, I hear more on what's being meek at the next table. I sleep very badly and was never tired at night. But if mårenen I'm like a zombie, fight tired and never feel rested even though I slept for 12 or 3. I have a kind of inner turmoil, and must always do something, move a foot or knock the table with one hand. But nåe I'm at school and sitting in class, I manage to Controlled me. Then I can sit "right" to rest on the chair. I'm not modest, but among new people I can do shut up. My problem is that mom and di talking about that I maybe have it. I have asked before if I should checked it, but di has meant that I certainly do not. How do I di that I would check with your doctor? For I will not live as a disturbing element for life. It's always me who Joska up the mood and ends up with all kjæften sien I started. And certain someone messing with me, and I joking back, it is as if I have trouble stopping. and therefore I kjæft that I noisy. Hate it. You know what I can do? ON tests online I always get the highest scores. that it says I should check myself and so: S You wrote over me, how did you study? : S is very confused about this, and I lost not actually live like this anymore. Feel wrapped inside, and is sort of 100,000 tanks in head simultaneously! Hope someone responds.

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