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I can "grow" out of me diagnosed with ADHD?

Hi I have ADHD also I wonder if it goes Ann and get rid of it or if one can grow out of it, or has the rest of his life

You ask if you can "grow" out of you diagnosed with ADHD. We can not answer in ung.no. What we do know is that some will gain or "growing" of his diagnosis when they get older, but it does not apply to everyone.

I would recommend you read the links that I put under your answer. Would also recommend you to look at the homepage of adhd.no where you'll find information that may be relevant to you.

Wish you all the best.

Sincerely nurse.

Living with ADHD is not always easy. But suddenly one can see the advantages of it too! Yousef Bartho Assidiq says.

The post is SREV of Yousef

It's not easy being a young adult and struggle to function socially, struggle with inner turmoil and simultaneously to live an independent and dignified life with everything life has to offer in terms of challenges, but one has no choice?

When I was little so did my parents know that I would never function normally. I would not have a proper language, would not be able to write coherent texts - and I would not be able to function independently in life.

Psychiatry was wrong. At least in part, if I'll be honest. This here is a continuous text, and it's not my first. I have a full-fledged language and now lives alone and manages me actually pretty good.

The feeling of life like a walkway that runs opposite to me, there are both positive and negative - when everyday's match is to sit still, is to master body language and communication. When you understand really how absurd it is to be different.

It's really not easy to be independent and flexible in reality when one is dependent on stability, procedures and safety. For, in what part of your life have you really? Shit happends. Alot.

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If today I had the choice between ADHD or to avoid it, so I had not chosen to change anything. I feel that the battle I've fought against myself, and all the times simple trivialities of daily life has gotten me to face the wall - has made me stronger, more enduring and open to other people's trivial issues.

For every day that passes, so I learn to cope with everyday life better and better and I win big and small victories every day, you learn to appreciate everything life has to offer.

I have overcome obstacles, and now feels that ADHD min is something that solely gives me positive qualities that strengthen me as a human being and makes me unique and strong.

Having low ability to function socially is not always easy. It's actually quite difficult when you are a young adult and want to socialize, feel a desperate need to be social, but just fail to take the initiative themselves.

When I was smaller, I would prefer to trudge around for hours looking for the road rather than asking a stranger. Now I've learned to force myself in some situations to take responsibility both for myself and others.

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It's hard to be an adult, and feel trapped in his own body. Feel unable to take the initiative in a social community. I can sit inside for several days, and may prefer to stay home rather than going out to meet new people on weekends.

I never take contact with people I do not know if I am at events and such, unless it's someone I know "in the middle" that makes it more natural and almost impossible for me not to engage me in conversation with others.

The most absurd is that I wish I got there, and when I fall into conversation with someone, then that's usually quite fine. I may be a little awkward at times, but it's like nothing to be afraid of. It's like a wall, or a brake that just refuse me to do this without "coercion".

It's boring to be lonely, and it's especially difficult when you know you're lonely because of themselves, and not because others do not want contact. There are many who want to contact, and it is myself that is the brake block at. It's frustrating and hard to both accept and cope.

What challenges do you alphabetical diagnoses?
Well, the first and perhaps most important challenge (... and discrimination) is that with ADHD do not get life insurance. There are simply too high a risk for insurance companies to give us life because we statistically hurt us more than other groups.

Another thing that really really break my back all the people who have no idea what I feel and what I struggle with that all the time to tell me how I can do things differently. Especially considering that I take ADHD medications. Then I called for a drug addict, I called pill-dependent and hear of the hippie new-age alternative that there are berries and shrubs that works much better.

The picture drawn by the media. It is a challenge and a burden placed on the shoulders in addition to everything else, you hear constantly that criminals with ADHD, you constantly hear about the new and wilder conspiracy theories surrounding the diagnosis - and more recently we saw big headlines that Anders Behring Breivik had Asberger.

People then did not know anything about the diagnosis, then begins to think. Shit? One becomes like that of Asperger? Is that how it works? "I have a friend who ..."

To make the point briefly: We must fight both against ourselves, to improve quality of life and to fit better into everyday life - and, we must defend it we are from the public. An eternal struggle, a difficult game.

I have a permanent job and are working full days. I live alone, and engages me so much I can do in the community and in various debates that I feel is important to me.

That in itself is an enormous victory for me and something I'm really proud of.

I have realized that there is something embarrassing to be different, the first time I even dared to tell anyone that I had ADHD was in 2009/2010. It is only now I also say that I have Asperger's, and the problems and challenges that come with this.

Now I am 23 years old and I've realized that I've become a pretty well reflected, reasonable and fair man. I do a lot of good for many, and has done much good for many long.

I am even sure that some will look at me as a role model, and not just because I have managed to cope with diagnoses mine that I have, but because I have a unique perspective on life, and because I am the person I am .

For me it is important to show that you can be something important, and do something right without necessarily having a doctorate or a perfect testimony. Sometimes it is enough to just be themselves and fight for something you're passionate about.

Last Friday I heard of a friend, who possesses dual master's degree, I was a model and an inspiration for many, that she was proud of the battle I fought.

It was a pat on the back which meant extremely much for me, and showed me that fight I fight is worth fighting and that I have achieved what I wanted to achieve in life, namely to show people that you can do something important , right and be an inspiration although not necessarily director or an engineer.

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